Nurturing Your Inner Child: A Path to Wholeness and Joy

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I would like to make this post today in order to bring awareness to our inner children and to our inner mother(nurturer). These parts have gone ignored most of our lives. A part of our soul gets fragmented when we experience trauma. Trauma does not always come with fanfare or dramatic sound effect like in the movies. It happens silently within us. It is ubiquitous and takes over every area of our lives. It affects our life and livelihood. I permeates our abundance and joy. Yet it remains a big secret until we bring awareness to it.

Carl Jung called this fragmented part “the inner child”. Depending upon how much trauma we have endured, we have multiple inner children. Our inner children go ignored most of our lives. Mostly because we are not aware of them, so cannot connect with them. Those who are aware undermine the importance of connecting with them. Until we connect with them and integrate them full, we remain children in adult bodies making adult, professional decisions. It is only when we become aware of them, can we begin to integrate them and change our lives.

Why integrate them? So, you can become a better version of you. So you can become better leaders, better entrepreneurs, better biological parents, better partners. Just better in general. Today Bring out your inner nurturer and nurture your inner child for sake of life. Give yourself the gift of safety and Love. So that you can feel the peace and joy that comes with self-Love. Go take care of you. Happy Mother’s Day all!

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