Raising The Inner Child: Discover Your Unique Path to Healing Paperback – July 2, 2024


Inner child work—many have written about it, even more are familiar with it, but very few have traversed the depths of it to come out on the other side transformed from the experience. It will take you on an adventure to the convergence points of life, Karma, and destiny in your own life if you allow it.

This book shares the courageous journey of a woman who transcended her narcissistic personality disorder to live from the heart by learning how attachment wounds had affected her psyche and hence her life.

Dr. Simi uses her life experiences as examples of how to navigate through the darkest times and to help you understand the dynamics of the energies at play, causing your relationships to be the way they are. You will witness the cauldron of energies that get tangled up from lifetime to lifetime, affecting your day-to-day relationships, and how she began to unravel them in her own life

Follow Dr. Simi as she outlines the ups and downs and incredible discoveries she experienced, so you too can begin the journey to your own healing.