The Secret Ingredient to Success: Cultivating Joy from Within

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Ever wonder about what is the secret ingredient to success? I would like to say, for me, it is joy. Hint: she’s not the girl next door ;-). I am talking about the joy that comes from the heart. It’s not as fleeting as the girl next door. The girl next door may lead to fleeting and finicky happiness. Which is not to be confused with joy. Once cultivated joy remains with you regardless of your external circumstances. The happiness that comes from the girl next door is coming from the mind. It is coming from a positive thought. Unfortunately, thoughts change. They are based on the kind of mood you are in. There may come a day when you are no longer interested in the girl next door. This means that the thought that brought you happiness is no longer there. The joy that comes from the heart does not require a thought. It is a state of being. There is nothing out there that can change it. Joy is permanent. Joy is unconditional. Joy is magnetic. It is the ammunition behind our success. It is not equivalent to happiness. Happiness is reliant on external circumstances or should I say it is reliant on the girl next door. Happiness teases you, like the girl next door. Joy is cultivated and is omnipresent. Why do we chase happiness over joy? Because it offers us instant but momentary gratification. Joy takes a little bit more work than simply thinking a thought. What would it take to cultivate joy? It would take a commitment to yourself. It would take persistence on your part. It would take a huge act of self love to bring joy to your heart. Because it’s self love that brings joy to your heart.

At least that’s where I get my joy from and it’s unrelenting. The more I love myself, the more this joy grows and expands. What are you willing to spend your time on? Chasing happiness or chasing joy? Only you know because you are the creator of your reality. Do you have a secret ingredient to success? It it fleeting or is it permanent?

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