Nurturing Your Inner Child: A Path to Wholeness and Joy

I would like to make this post today in order to bring awareness to our inner children and to our inner mother(nurturer). These parts have gone ignored most of our lives. A part of our soul gets fragmented when we experience trauma. Trauma does not always come with fanfare or dramatic sound effect like in […]

The Secret Ingredient to Success: Cultivating Joy from Within

Ever wonder about what is the secret ingredient to success? I would like to say, for me, it is joy. Hint: she’s not the girl next door ;-). I am talking about the joy that comes from the heart. It’s not as fleeting as the girl next door. The girl next door may lead to […]

3-steps to becoming who you want to be!

Step 1 – Set Intentions “Set a goa) so big that you can’t achieve it until you become the person who can.”Sixteen years ago I met my spiritual mentor who taught me the art and power of setting intentions. Intentions are not goals. Intentions are our internal GPS and will take us a lot further […]

Manifestation Your Destiny

Ah, the sweetness of manifestation. We all want a taste of it. Yet very few can stay in alignment long enough to manifest those bigger dreams. And I am not talking about that million dollar house or that beautiful relationship. I am talking about manifesting the doorway to your destiny. Manifesting those great things that […]